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We understand the difficulties faced everyday

They are the faces of our community that know what the Community looks like because they are apart of it.
— Flohisha J.


Crisis Intervention
The question is not if a crisis situation will arise, but when.  Our Clergy In Action team is equipped and ready to intervene during crisis situations that involve students, faculty, and staff.  Too often individuals are dealing with stress, anxiety, worry, and fear all alone.  Our Clergy team is here to support!

The Clergy team is ready to help with the culture of the school through engaging the student body and faculty through convocations.  We have done convocations on topics such as; respect, character, friendships, peer pressure, mentorship, and much more…

We will come alongside the programs that you are currently operating to provide additional support and training for students.

One of our core values.  Our desire is to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with the student body within the school.  Whether it happens through engaging the student in the classroom or supporting the student on the playing field, we stand in support of the individual.


If your school is involved in providing any outreaches for the school or community our team and volunteers would love to assist in any way.  We have recently assisted with the development of a food pantry at a local school.  Outreach and programs are our specialty.

Community Service Opportunities
We provide students with an opportunity to serve within their community in order to positively affect their neighborhood.  They must see themselves as part of the community.  This will also give them an opportunity to fulfill their community service hours.


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Give Back

Level 1 - Volunteer
Volunteers are encouraged to serve on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Even if it’s a one-time serve opportunity.  Volunteers must be willing to serve with a positive attitude.  

Level 2 - Team Member
Team Members are encouraged to serve on an ongoing basis.  They are usually available to serve at least twice a month.  Members are asked to be available for bi-weekly school walkthroughs and be available to serve as possible mentors to the students of the school.

Level 3 - Coordinator
The role of the coordinator is to serve as the point person of a particular school within a ward.  Possess the skill of a team leader and organizer.  Be able to establish a team of volunteers and team leaders within the school.  Coordinators are responsible for all the activity and direction of the Clergy In Action team within the school.  Must be available to attend monthly “Clergy Roundtable” meetings where we discuss the progress and activity of the organization. ***Must be a Clergy (Pastor) in order to serve in this role. ***

Level 4 - Ward Director
Directors have an extremely important role. They oversee all the Clergy in Action teams operating within their Ward.  They meet with all potential coordinators as well as assist with the interview process and recruitment of new coordinators within their Ward.  They must be available to serve on a weekly basis.  Assist the State Director with trainings and vision casting.  Must attend monthly “Clergy Roundtable” meetings.  Be available for school walkthroughs with the appointed coordinators. ***Must be a Clergy (Pastor) in order to serve in this role. ***