Do you have to be a Clergy member to be a part of Clergy In Action?

No… The Clergy In Action is a movement made up of people throughout Newark and the surrounding area.  We encourage EVERYONE to be a part.

What are some of the activities done by the Clergy In Action?

Our main focus is school engagement.  We partner with local schools in providing much needed assistance in existing programs that the school provides.  Our main objective is to be a presence in the schools and offer assistance in areas that are needed.

We have assisted schools in various ways… Food Pantry, School trips, Mentorship, Barbershop, intervention and support.

Are these all Volunteer Positions?

Yes…What makes Clergy In Action so wonderful is that everyone serving has pure motives.  Our mission is to make an impact on our community One Ward at A Time.  Clergy In Action embraces people from all walks of life. We Believe we can accomplish more together than we can by ourselves.

Is Clergy In Action for Traditional Public School, Charter Schools, or Private Schools?

Clergy In Action serves all students regardless of the school name, culture, or system. We are passionate about making an impact on students, parents, faculty and staff of the education system.

How often does Clergy In Action Meet?

It all depends on your level of commitment described on the list of volunteer opportunities. The Ward Directors and Coordinators meet on a monthly basis at our clergy Roundtable meetings. The coordinators will inform all team members of how much time is required in order to operate an effective program. Typically, team members are asked to serve at least twice a month.